Reverse Engineering Technology
is the process of probe digitizing (tracing) an existing part or pattern, two or three dimensionally or both, to acquire the exact shape data in electronic form. The surface data acquired can then be converted to usable data and imported into CAD for analyzing and creating CNC programs for part duplication.
Tracing Animation (168KB)
 A further value is being able to quickly return your sample part to you after digitizing, so halting your production is kept to a minimum while we machine your new parts.
Renishaw Digitizer
 Scanning accuracy and repeatability has consistently been .001" max for us, even though the manufacturer claims only .002" accuracy.
 The machine can do a self-calibration just prior to a digitizing session and we can provide you with a copy of the accuracy report for your quality control records.
Renishaw Cyclone Digitizer
Surface Data being analyzed
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